This week we are being pushed out of our comfort zones so we can create opportunities for the year ahead. As we release the things we want to leave behind in 2020, we make room for magickal soul-aligned opportunities to come into our life.

Here’s what this week holds for you:



Sunday 6th December 2020

Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

What’s your dream vision for your love life or finances? Today there is a positive energy towards finding clarity on your deepest desires & biggest dreams. Allow yourself to DREAM BIG – what do you really want to manifest in your life, and WHY?

Monday 7th December 2020

Venus in Scorpio quincunx North Node in Gemini

Remember those deep desires you dreamt about yesterday? Today you are being called to make some changes so you can step out of your comfort zone and make way for these dreams to manifest into your reality! What’s one thoughtful step you could take today towards bringing your desires into reality?


Tuesday 8th December 2020

Last quarter moon in Virgo

As the moon’s energy wanes, we will get in touch with the REAL + practical aspects of what we are wanting to release in our lives. Analyze the details, look at the numbers, and accept what you need to let go of.


Thursday 10th December 2020

Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

As we focus on integrating freedom & deeper meaning into our lives, we will find some challenges come up today. What’s the BIGGER picture behind it all? What do we REALLY want our future to look like? And how does this fit into the Universe’s grand plan? As we explore this realm of infinite possibilities, these challenges transform into opportunities to deepen our perspective.


Friday 11th December 2020

Sun in Sagittarius opposite North Node in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries

Until January 2022, the North Node of Future Destiny is in Gemini. During this time we are challenging ourselves to learn through practical experience & to share what we know with those who are close to us. Today we just won’t be feeling up to this challenge, and instead we’ll be opting to focus on the spiritual or philosophical “bigger picture”, going deep into intuitive knowing rather than the facts + figures. We’ll feel motivated by that Mars energy as it creates a harmonious angle with the Sun – so feel free to DREAM BIG today! Make a vision board, write a bucket list, plan out your dream travel list (come onnnn travel restrictions, I just want to go on an overseas holiday again!!!).


Saturday 12th December 2020

Mars in Aries sextile North Node in Gemini

After that dreamy, travel-lust, spiritual focus of yesterday, today our ambitious energy creates opportunities for us to share those big ideas with those close to us. Take initiative to tell a friend about the places you want to visit or the things you want to learn about. Put it out there to the Universe – you never know what the Universe will give you when you ask!


*Please note: these dates are based on Australian time zones – for the rest of the world, you may need to adjust the dates BACK one day (ie. Monday = Sunday).

Do these weekly insights resonate with you?

What are you looking forward to this week?

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