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Crystal Castle | Kyra Howearth

Hi, I’m Kyra!

I’m a Gemini sun, so naturally I have lots of different skills, passions & areas of expertise. This page is designed to showcase the different ways you can currently work with me.

As an experienced herbalist, yoga teacher, tarot reader, astrologer & business coach, I bring all my skills & wisdom to 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Whether you want private lessons on tarot or yoga, or you’re looking for holistic coaching to manifest your best life, 1:1 mentoring is your answer. I combine all my gifts to help you discover your true potential & manifest your desires.

Medical Astrology

Natural health has been a passion of mine since a young age, and I love to help YOU live your healthiest life. I graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine in 2018, and started working with clients for women’s health & fertility.

After I went through my spiritual awakening and studied astrology, among other intuitive arts, I discovered I could blend herbal medicines with astrology in a holistic way to help my clients achieve wellness not only in their physical body, but with their emotions & spiritual wellbeing too.

Medical astrology sessions aim to bring balance to your body, mind & soul. During a session, I’ll take a detailed medical history & assess any applicable test results, as well as look at your natal chart, to discover what’s happening with your physical & energetic bodies. From there, your prescription will often include a combination of herbal medicines, flower essences, dietary advice, lifestyle suggestions, and spiritual guidance.

Medical Astrology | Kyra Howearth
Crystal Castle | Kyra Howearth

Tarot + astrology readings

I started reading tarot cards around 2015 as part of my new moon rituals, and started offering tarot readings to clients in 2019. I studied astrology around 2019-2020 and soon added this tool to my readings as well.

Both tarot & astrology are simply tools for reading energy. A reading with me is an energy check-in, to see where your energy currently is, what energy lies ahead of you, and what needs to shift energetically. Whether you want to know more about yourself, your relationships, your business, or anything else, a reading can help you tap into the energy of the situation.


During 2020, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, which completely transformed my life. Yoga gave me a tool to combine spiritual practice with physical health.

I now teach classes regularly, both in Tamworth NSW and online.

You can also join my online yoga & meditation program Flow With The Moon (click here to start your 7-day free trial!).

Tamworth Yoga | Kyra Howearth